Aya Nova on wireless network

A number of our technicians connect to our local network from their laptops while in the building. This is done via our wireless network. We are having issues with Aya Nova appearing to fall off the network while being accessed via the wireless network.

What is happening is that while updating details on a work order, or attemting to open a workorder Aya Nova then displays errors, as if it cannot find or has lost the connection to the database. You then have to press ok at least 10 to 20 times before you can close the program. While doing this Aya Nova is displaying various SQL query’s.

We are having no issues via our wire network, nor are we having any other issues with other applications when assessing via our wireless network.

Can you offer any suggestions

Hi Greg

There are no inherent issues with running AyaNova on a wireless lan, it normally makes no difference.

AyaNova needs a stable network connection to operate properly, much more so than most office type applications where the only time it’s critical that your connection be working is when you save or open a document.

Because AyaNova is working directly with a file database at the server and accesses that file repeatedly as you work within AyaNova there can be issues with the network that don’t surface with other applications.

The network must be working properly and nothing can be hampering the database access.

There are many things to look at, the most common of them are outlined in our troubleshooting guide for slow performance in the reference section of the AyaNova Manual http://www.ayanova.com/manual.htm (starting on page 240 section “Performance Optimization”), nearly all of them apply to your situation and you should carefully go through the suggested things to check for, it’s very likely one of those issues (except of course for the cabling parts since it sounds like your having no problem with AyaNova over the wire).

Be sure to go through that first, there is a wealth of info there that we have gathered over the years working with many different clients to troubleshoot performance issues and a performance issue can cause exactly the problems you are describing.

Specifically for wireless network cards, be sure to check that they are not being automatically sent into sleep or low power mode by the operating system. If users are typing a long workorder description in for example, they aren’t generating any network traffic until they close the workorder, so if the system senses no network access for a while it might be shutting down the card to save power. Every system is different so you will have to check with your documentation, but it’s something to look into aside from all the more normal issues that we outline in the reference section.

Most wireless cards come with a signal strength viewing utility - I know you have problably checked this, but do double-check that their signals are not suddenly dropping out due to typical interference (i.e microwave ovens, cordless phones, photocopy machines, etc).

Let us know what you find.