AyaNova 4 Report Template Tutorial

I’ve been trying to work through the document TUTORIAL AyaNova 4 Detailed WO Report.doc, and I’m having some difficulty. In the detail section where the start and stop times should show, there’s only data for the first work order. All the rest of the start and stop times, the total quantity also, are blank. The header data for each workorder shows up normally, as does each workorder item.

Any help will be appreciated.



  1. Am I assuming correctly thanthat you are using AyaNova 4.2 instead of AyaNova 5.0.2?

And if using AyaNova 4, you are following the steps in the tutorial from the forum post http://forum.ayanova.com/Topic3760-103-1.aspx whereas if you were using AyaNova 5 you would follow the steps in the tutorial http://forum.ayanova.com/Topic4570-103-1.aspx(as the report designer looks a bit different in AyaNova 5 than it did in AyaNova 4).

  1. Export your report template to a file that you have made following the steps in that tutorial, zip it using Winzip and attach to your reply post.

If using AyaNova 4, the steps to export a report template is in the AyaNova 4 Help file section

Whereas if using AyaNova 5, the steps to export a report template is in the AyaNova 5 Help file section

  1. Also identify which step # of that tutorial you have gotten up to that matches what you have done in the report template.

  2. And when you say “the detail section where the start and stop times should show” are you referring to the Labor’s Service Start Date & Time datafield and the Labor’s Service Stop Date & Time datafield?

  3. And when you say “, there’s only data for the first work order”, do you mean that you have more than one Labor record in that Labor subsection for that workorder item in that workorder or ?, and that none of your labor data is showing when you Print Preview?

This way I can then import your report template in an old copy of AyaNova 4.2 here, and check the steps you have taken up to that step and see what is happening.

  • Joyce

This has been a very frustrating exercise. I’ve probably been through this tutorial at least a half dozen times with the same results. I find the instructions are ambiguous and inaccurate.

The report is attatched and the problems should be obvious if it runs the same as here. There is only start and stop time data for the FIRST workorder record, and there’s never any data for the user/tech or billable hours.


Thank you for attaching your report template so that I could help.

I imported your report template into an older copy of AyaNova 4.2 I have here and opened it up in the report designer. I also downloaded the Tutorial for AyaNova 4 Detailed Report Template to see what step you are at.

It looks like you have done steps 1 through 12 where you added the detail report bands for the WorkorderHeaderWorkorderItem band and the WorkorderItemWorkorderItemLaborworkorder band.

And than you skipped the steps 13 through 28

You than performed the steps 29 through 51 where you dragged over the datafields for the Workorder #, Client name and its business phone number and made labels for them. Then the steps for dragging over some datafields for the WorkorderItem band and labels for them. And you dragged over the datafields into the Labor band - Service Start Date & Time, Service Stop Date & Time, User, and Service Rate Quantity as well as made labels for these datafields in the report designer.

I opened this report template from my database Service Workorder grid which was filtered to display 4 workorder records that labor records that definitely have Service Rate Quantity entered and so on, and for me your report template does show each workorder listed along with the workorder items and labor for each workorder.

I have attached a PDF example of the report that I ran using your custom report template. If you open it after unzipping you will see that:

the first workorder #3 is listed, and it has only one workorder item with one labor items showing the start and stop times, the user and the service rate quantity of 1.
the next page show workorder #12 which has one workorder item with two labor records, both showing the user, start and stop as well as the service rate quantity (2 hours for the first labor record, and 1 hour for the second)
the next page after that shows workorder #15 which has two workorder items, and the labor information does show for both - start and stop, quantity etc
and the next page after that shows workorder #16 with its workorder item and labor
Perhaps you are running your report on workorders that do not all have labor? The report can only display data for what is in the workorders you have selected to print about.

Please do the following:

Open up a specific workorder in your AyaNova that has more than one labor record in the workorder item - what is this workorder number?
Now click on the Labor tab for the workorder item in this workorder - confirm that there is more than one labor record here?
What is the start date & time, the stop date & time, the user and the Service Rate Quantity of the first labor record?
What is the start date & time, the stop date & time, the user and the Service Rate Quantity of the second labor record?
And so on if more labor records.
If you made any changes to the workorder, remember, you MUST save beofre you select to print. Only saved changes print.
Now select Print menu and select that report Tutorial Report that you sent me
Do you now see in the print preview the details for each labor record for the datafields (Start date, stop date, user, service rate quantity) that you do have in your report template that you have made so far?
Export the report to a file, zip up and attach with your replies to the questions above.
Also make a screenshot of the workorder entry screen, zip it and attach too so that I can see the labor items and then can compare to the report PDF you sent.
Do let me know.

  • Joyce

It was my fault. We don’t account for our hours in the labor grid. We use scheduled users, so when I added the start and stop times from the scheduled users dataset, it worked fine.