AyaNova 4 requires Contract Expiry Date set in client's entry screen for contract settings to be in effect

After upgrading to Ayanova 4 all the rates that are listed as contract no longer show up as an available rateto select in laboronclients with the specified contract.

This is huge as we listed all our clients under different contracts so we could reflect different rates for them.


Please provide the following for one of these clients so that we can confirm with you:
-the client name
-The contract selected in that client’s entry screen
-What is the contract expiry date entered in that client’s entry screen (as an expiry date is required to initiate the contract settings)
-The contract itself - is Active checkedmarked?
-The contract itself - is Limit to Contract rates checkmarked or not?
-the rates that are displaying - are any of them set as Contract Rate in the rates subgrid?
-when you view the workorder for this client, is the Contract menu option showing in the workorder menu bar?

  • Joyce

Well that would be the problem. Contract expiry date did not used to be a requirement and it is set as NULL for everyone. Why did this change and what options do we have other than manually editing each of these one by one to a distant date?

Hello again Chris

No expiry date is viewed by the code the same as an expired contract date - therefore the contract settings are not enforced.

I’ve asked development to come in from their weekend, and make a utility that those AyaNova 3 users that have upgraded that never entered an expiry date can run to enter it automatically.

Will post back as soon as it is done.

  • Joyce

At this point I wouldn’t even just mind a SQL query to run manually on the server since we’re using MSSQL. Or if it can just be confirmed the location that needs to be updated and if there’s any special references that I need to worry about I can just write it on my own.

Hi again

It is the ACONTRACTEXPIRES column in the ACLIENT table that this is in relation to.

If you do a SQL query, do be sure to:
-Have everyone out
-Make a backup
-run your query and update the client records
-Log in as one user only, and check a number of them
-If an issue, restore from backup and use the utility instead that we will be releasing

  • Joyce

Hi again

  1. Download UpdateContracts.zip

[EDIT NOTE : You do not need to run this with AyaNova 4.1 and higheras it is run automatically]

  1. Extract to the AyaNova 4 program folder

  2. Make sure no one else is accessing the AyaNova 4 database

  3. Run the UpdateContracts.exe utility

  4. Log in as the AyaNova Administrator

  5. It will apply the date of year 2100 UTC time zone to all client’s that have a contract selected but do not have a contract entry date selected. It won’t change existing Contract Expiry Dates for existing selected contracts.

I will also post about this to the Known Issues & Updates section of this forum in a bit as a common place for AyaNova 4 users to see this.

  • Joyce

Fine, so Ihad just done12/31/2099 12:00 AM UTC and was pasting the query when this was uploaded.

SET ACONTRACTEXPIRES = ‘2099-12-31 00:00:00.000’

Thanks for the quick response.

One more thing, I didn’t use the updater but you also need to run this against head offices:UPDATE AHEADOFFICE
SET ACONTRACTEXPIRES = ‘2099-12-31 00:00:00.000’



Hi again

A new UpdateContracts.zip is now there that also applies a Contract Expiry Date if that Head Office has any clients assigned to it.

[ NOTE : You do not need to run this with AyaNova 4.1 and higheras it is run automatically]

  • Joyce