AyaNova 5 -API breaking change: Regions

We are busily working away on the AyaNova 5 release and we have many useful new changes coming for software developers and a few things you should be aware of in advance.

We will post here from time to time as the change becomes set and we can report on it.

Breaking change - Our first ever breaking change in our developer API, we avoid them wherever possible but this one requires a decision on the part of the developer so we’ve intentionally broken it:

Regions - the regions feature has been greatly expanded for AyaNova 5. As part of that change many of the read only list objects have had their shared / static Getxxx methods modified to include an additional parameter: “Regional” or “Regionalized” this is a bool parameter and passing true means it will ensure results are returned only for the region the current logged in user is associated with. Passing false will result in the old behaviour of returning everything regardless of region.

Note that because regions are now enforced in the AyaNova 5.x UI, you as a developer need to decide whether to support the new behaviour or the old one. In areas where you need a list internally of everything (for example for an import / export utility) you would pass in false to get the old behaviour and full list but for areas where a list will be displayed to the end user in the UI you might want to pass true to mimic the same results they would get in AyaNova 5.x + to avoid confusion.