AyaNova 7.0.4.x quickfix steps

Between April 2011 and January 2013, to lessen the burden on our clients and third party API users when it comes to releasing updates to AyaNova outside the normal release cycle (hotfixes) we are changing the way we version updates.

Future releases that are out of the normal release schedule will not have their assembly version changed unless the changes that were required will in turn require API users to change their code (i.e. breaking changes to the API)

Instead, hot fixes will have their “file” version changed so that the file version number indicates a hot fix number which is incremented for that file on each hot fix.

This information will be displayed in the user interface in the Help -> About AyaNova box and tech support info. For example the Help -> About AyaNova box might show the main version number as as usual but underneath it will state “(Hotfix 5)” indicating the 5th build of this file for hot fix purposes.

This information can also be viewed from windows explorer by right clicking on an AyaNova program or .dll file, selecting properties and the detail tab. The file or product version show a 4 digit version number. The last digit will show the hotfix number. For example release 7.0.4 hotfix version 5 will show as in the file properties dialog in windows explorer.

This change will ensure we can continue to release updates out of band without affecting API users or forcing customers to perform a full uninstall and re-install or update unaffected files.

Latest avaliable HotFix steps at the top of the http://forum.ayanova.com/c/known-issues-updates