Ayanova and Firebird V2.0

I have been happily using AyaNova now for a while with the suggested Firebird V1.5 database server package. I need to run another program that requires the Firebird V2.0 SQL database server package. I would like to run it on the same server box that I use for AyaNova if possible.

Is AyAyaNovaompatible with the new Firebird V2.0?


Will I have to run my other program on a different box with FB2.0 and keep the AyanovAyaNovar box at it’s current older version of Firebird?



AyaNova has not been tested with the Firebird 2.0

AyaNova is confirmed compatible with Firebird

It is my understanding from Firebird information off of the Internetthat you can not run two different versions of Firebird (1.5 and 2.0) on the same computer.

You can certainly try AyaNova v3.5 on a computer that is using the Firebird 2.0 server, but I would highly recommend that you ensure you have a confirmed successful backup of the AyaNova database so that if you experience errors you can restore the AyaNova database onto a computer running Firebird Based on basic information, I do not believe it is possible due to the basic dll differences between Firebird 1.5 and 2, but encourage you to post whther or not it is in reply to this topic once you have tested it.

We will be looking intowhat would be needed for compatiblity with Firebird 2 for AyaNova later this fall.

  • Joyce

AyaNova 4 has been redesigned to take advantage of the new Firebird 2.0 for better performance

AyaNova 4 requires Firebird 2.0 if using the network Firebird Server configuration.

  • Joyce