AyaNova CE report - How to add additional fields to an AyaNova CE report

I am posting here a very basic “How To” regarding adding additional fields within an existing AyaNova CE report.

Note this is also covered in the AyaNova CE Manual tutorial in the section “Customizing Reports” in the tutorial on creating a new report for use with AyaNova CE which uses the same steps when customizing.

The example below is based on that you want the Acct #: field of the client to show on the standard format workorder’s Dispatch Report

  1. To determine the field name associated with the Acct #: field for the Client, view the AyaNova Schema Documentationto find details on the
    table. You can also open the AyaNova database file SCDATA.SC directly using Access 2000SP1 or higher, open the clients table. The field ">acctnumber> in the <clients<> table corresponds to the Acct #: field.

  2. The report wodispst.rpt is the report file that would be customized (also see the AyaNova Manualsection “Customizing Reports” specifically page 243 for a list of report file names)
    Open the report file wodispst.rptin >Crystal Reports 9 or higher and expand the Database Fields (within Field Explorer) available for selection

  3. You will see that the field >acctnumber[/i] is not an existing selectable field. If it was, it would display in the Database Fields, and you could just drag and drop it onto the design of the report.
    >As it is not presently selectable, you will have to add it to the query corresponding to the wodispst.rpt file in <SPAN “FONT-FAMILY: Verdana”>rptsmaster</SPAN> table andcreate a new ttx file, and associate that new ttx file so the report can use it.

  4. Close the wodispst.rpt file

  5. Open the AyaNova database file SCDATA.SC using Access 2000SP1 or higher and open the rptsmaster table

  6. Find the query associated with the wodispst.rpt

  7. Edit the query to include the client.acctnumber field – for example, before the RIGHT JOIN section of the query I have inserted the client.acctnumber field