AyaNova CE 1.x Installation issues and solutions

As the old CE web site has been retired, am posting here in this forum section the previously most common known issues with CE and solutions:

NOTE: this is ONLY for issues with the very old AyaNova CE 1.x version

error 1607: Unable to install InstallShield Scripting Runtime

There are a couple of possible reasons for the error message that is occurring

  1. First ensure that you delete ALL files in the C\WINNT\TEMP or C:\WINDOWS\TEMP directory. There are known cases where previous partial setup files and TMP files in the TEMP directory will cause problems with installing. This is because InstallShield is widely used to install numerous different programs, and previously extracted files can cause a problem with new installs. Than run the SCPSETUP.EXE again.

  2. The ISSCRIPT.MSI file can be corrupt on your station.

InstallShield is used to install thousands of software programs, including AyaNova. In the following InstallShield support page, will be a link to Download ISSCRIPT.MSI

You will need to unzip it using a compression utility like WinZip, and than run it as per the instructions on the web page.


After it’s installed, and you have rebooted your computer, run the SCPSETUP.EXE again.

[b]Upon logging in receive:

At ex standard
Cspview: unspecified error
Operation must use an updateable query
Query: update users set users.mail=truewhere (((users.id)=23));

At ex standard
Stat EBRS: unspecified error
Operation must use an updateable query
Query: update users set users.statview =”8” where (((users.id)=23));

At ex standard
CDButils(RS): unspecified error
Operation must use an updateable query
Defaults set defaults.last-maintdate=#02/14/2005#;[/b]

This occurs when the user logged into the network on this computer does not have full rights to the AyaNova database folder and file.

Review the AyaNova QuickStart Guide installation information regarding installing in a network environment.

Receive an error message “cannot install MDAC 2.6 on this computer” when installing to a Windows 2003 operating system

Use the 2K_XP_SCPSETUP.EXE installation file when installing to a Windows 2003 computer.

The 2K_XP_SCPSETUP.EXE installation file does not attempt to install MDAC, as Windows 2003 already has MDAC 2.8 installed by default.

[b]Receive message "AyaNova could not open the database file

C:\Program Files\AyaNova\database\scdata.sc

The database driver gave the following reason"[/b]

There are two possible reasons for this to occur:

  1. When the error message shows the path with two “\” as in C:\Program Files\AyaNova\Database\scdata.sc this indicates that the present Windows system files are not capable of running the AyaNova program.

Go to Microsoft Support and download the appropriate latest Jet 4.0 files for your operating system. Apply and reboot.

  1. Share level permissions and/or NTFS permissions on the database folder and/or files are not provided. AyaNova requires that FULL access to the database folder and files be given.

Receive an error message License Key has been revoked or INVALID LICENSE KEY

As per the message, one of five instances are occurring:

  1. The license key code has been entered incorrectly. This is a common occurrence for those that type it in instead of copy and paste. Check that the keycode is exactly as provided in your Activation Key email message as well as the exact registered name.

  2. The license key has been revoked either due to being replaced because of additional licenses order, or due to other circumstances. Therefore the license keycode is invalid and can not be used. Check with your accounting department or manager to confirm you are utilizing the correct keycode.

  3. When applying the activation key, the sample data was retained and the sample technicians were not internally reset to inactive, thereby “taking up” use of licenses. This has occurred in only a couple instances and we have been unable to recreate. Zip up the AyaNova database file SCDATA.SC using WinZip and send in a private email address to us along with the exact error message you receive, and the manager password if changed from the default. Refer to the AyaNova Contact Us web page for direct private email address. We will fix and send the database back.

  4. You are using an illegally obtained keycode from a crack site which doesn’t work with AyaNova.