AyaNova MBI - Released

What is this MBI thing?

MBI is aAyaNova interface designed to support cell phones, pda’s, Blackberriesand other wireless devices equipped with a web browser. MBI stands for “Mobile Browser Interface”

This is a web interface designed to meet the needs of small screen devices and users who need fast access to essential information while on the road. It’s designed to be accessed from any modern wireless device that supports the minimal web browser standardsas well as regular PC web browsers.

With this interface remote users are able to quickly check their schedule view andupdatelabor on work orders,update schedule markers, viewclientdetails (with phone dial enabled links), read and send memos etc (more features will be added over time as they are requested and make sense in the context of a mobile browser).

The interface is designed for small size screens with pared downpages to save transfer time andwireless web access fees. MBI makes every effort to ensure that a user can get to the information they need as quickly as possible without taking time or space for anything that isn’t absolutely required.

This is not intended to be a replacement for the more full featured WBI remote access add-on product which is more appropriate for full fledged PC based web browsing. MBI is targetted specifically for users on the road withsmall screen devices who need quick and timely access to a limited subset of AyaNova features.

Remote device requirements
-Wireless data services from a mobile service provider
-A device with a web browser that supportsXHTML Basic or XHTML MP or WML 2.x or greater. (the legacy WAP/ WML 1.x will NOT be supported) I.E. modern cell phones, Blackberry, pda with internet access etc.
-Some devices come with a less than ideal web browser. Opera makes a popular free web browser for wireless devices called Opera MINIthat can be installed on many devices, more information can be found here: http://www.operamini.com/
We’ve tested with this browser and found it to be standards compliant and to work well with MBI in initial testing.

MBI server requirements

MBI is an asp.net application that runs on Microsoft IIS web server that comes with most modern versions of windows. Exact requirements are the same as for our WBI product.

MBI being accessed on Blackberry 8800 series emulator, OpenWave emulator and Motorola v600-v500-v300 emulator