AyaNova praise

I am a grad student in the IS field who is using AyaNova tomorrow night for a class demonstration on how to evaluate new software for your business/client. Joyce and AyaNova have been so great to work with. AyaNova is a fine example of reasonably priced, software for a small to medium business in a service/client based industry. I can’t say enough about how easy the software is to use and how supportive Joyce has been. She emailed me this morning to see how our presentation is coming and if we needed any assistance with the software. When I wrote her back to thank her, Joyce suggested I post my comments to the forum, so here is the message I sent her this morning: “Thank you for your interest in our project. My group presents for our grad class tomorrow night. In addition to being the author of the PowerPoint presentation, I’m in charge of doing the “live tutorial” portion of the presentation that will show my classmates what AyaNova can do. Of course it would take me hours to show them everything, so I’m focusing on two tasks: creating a new client and creating a work order. Our presentation is only 20 minutes long, so any demo must be a short one. I have to say I’ve been extremely impressed with AyaNova. The software does so many neat things for a company and the reports that currently can be generated for the work orders and billing are not only pleasing to the eye, but well-designed for information flow. But to really give this great software the review it truly deserves, I would have to work with it for a couple of weeks to discover all the “ins and outs” of the functions. As someone who has worked in or dabbled in the computer field since 1992, I’m really impressed with AyaNova. It’s a great product and would be an extremely useful addition to any small to medium service business.”