AyaNova slow after logging in with stand-alone single default use?

AyaNova is installed for single use stand-alone default installation
After logging in, AyaNova takes up to a minute to load instead of loading quickly
About every 5 minutes or so, AyaNova appears to freeze, and than after about a minute, you can work again.

Possible Reason:
Check your Notifications Deliveries (last 7 days) in the Administration navigation pane, to see if the logs are showing a number of notifications that have errors and could not be sent.

What may be occurring is something may be the matter with your Notification Settings in your Global Settings, and as the internal Generator loads every time you log into AyaNova when in single-user standalone install, the Generator is getting backed up with notifications that it can not send out.

Fix your Notifications setting in Global Settings
And/or delete all subscriptions to notifications to clear it out.