AyaNova v3 interface with Peachtree accounting

I am using Peachtree Accounting for purchasing, invoicing and inventory. The new AyaNova sounds like it will have some nice inventory management tools that Peachtree does not have. I am wondering if there will be an easy way to export and import date so that I can share information between the service system and Peachtree accounting.

Hello Tom

With the present version of AyaNova, you can use Access 2000SP1 or higherwhich can open the AyaNova database file SCDATA.SC directly for importing or exporting. The AyaNova database file can be treated exactly the same as any Access 2000 database. Note that AyaNova does not require Access, is not written using Access and is a completely stand alone program. We chose the most widely used database format in the world for easy importing and exporting and to encourage 3rd party developers.

Information on the AyaNova 1.9.X database can be found within the AyaNova Manual reference section, and detailed information on the database schema can be found in the AyaNova database schema documentationfor which fields equal with what in the interface.

If you do not have Access 2000 or other product that supports Access 2000 (JET 4.0) databases, or do not want to do it yourself, you could contact an experienced database consultant or developer, or experienced PeachTree consultant, ordata conversion consultant,that cantake an export file from PeachTree andconfigure itfor importing into AyaNova, and viceversaby searching on the Internet, contacting your local computer center,or via your phone book. We have also just started a new forum AyaNova Related Services & Products where consultants/developers can list their services, and AyaNova users can request services from third-party developers/consultants at http://forum.ayanova.com/Forum31-1.aspx

We will also be looking into providing a PeachTree interface with AyaNova version 3. We will notify via email all licensed AyaNova users as new versions are released, and also check back on our AyaNova web site http://www.ayanova.com

Thank you for posting on our forum.