AyaNovaQBI.exe Error when running on a network installation

AyaNova v3.1 is installed and working on a network enviroment. The workstation directory is “C:\AyaNova 3”. The server AyaNova directory is the default location however the data path is “D:\data\Ayanova3\database”. These network settings were configured using the AyaNova manual. Again AyaNova v3.1 is installed and working on a network enviroment.

I followed the instructions in the QBI manual on how to install the program. I am using QuickBooks Pro 2004. I installed the QBI program in the workstation “C:\AyaNova 3” folder. I copied, paste and renamed the AyaNova.exe.config file to AyaNovaQBI.exe.config. AyaNova v3.1 is installed and working on a network enviroment. However the QBI program does not work.

When I double-click the “AyaNovaQBI” shortcut I get this error:

“Application has generated an exception that could not be handled. Process id=0x908 (2312), Thread id=0x868 (2152) Click OK to terminate the application Click CANCEL to debug the application.”

What do I do now?

Let’s confirm all the steps:

  1. On this computer where you get the error message AyaNova v3.1 program files are located in C:\AyaNova 3

  2. AyaNova v3.1 successfully has been run

  3. QuickBooks Pro 2004 is installed locally to this same computer on the C:\ and all QuickBooks patches have been applied

  4. QBFC 5.0 is installed to this computer’s C:\ and confirmed

  5. QBI v3.1 is installed to C:\AyaNova 3

  6. The AyaNovaQBI.exe.config is also located in C:\AyaNova 3

Please confirm each of the above and locations.

Can you recheck by running QBI v3.1 - do you get an error before this message. Is there a Details button, if so please provide the details text.

Thank you

  • Joyce

Yes, for all questions. I am sure that I messed up somewhere. I am uninstalling everything and starting fresh.

Hi Steve

Can you confirm that this issue has now been resolved?


  • Joyce

I am having the same error, only different process id: & thread id: numbers within the error. Numbers change with each open attempt.

System Info:

Windows XP Pro SP2 2002


Directory of AyaNova is the default. Runs in networked enviroment.

QB installed locally and has been run.

QB Premier Canadian Ed. 2006

Unfortunately steve did not provide additional information or if the issue was resolved.

Can you provide the following information and/or confirm and with that we can identify what is occurring:

  1. Please specifiy by “Networked” either do you mean that you have set up networked Firebird configuration or SQL Server configuration?

  2. Please confirm the following on this computer where you get this error you refer to:

AyaNova v3.1.7 is installed to C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova 3
QuickBooks 2006 Canadian is installed also to this local hard drive
QBFC5 is also installed to this local hard drive
QBI v3.1.4 is installed to to C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova 3 on this same computer

  1. Zip up the following files from the C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova 3 directory on this computer using Winzip and attach to your reply post


  1. When you receive the error - there is a Details button - copy the entire contents of that Details to your reply post

Than we can go from there with this information

  • Joyce

Sorry to waste your time. I had multiple directories for Ayanova on my PC and had installed QBI to the wrong one. It is opens now. “IO” problem. :slight_smile:


Hi again

Never a waste. Thank you for posting what the issue was - that way, if another AyaNova user encounters the same thing, they will find your post and know what to do.

Thank you

  • Joyce