AyaScript - user Settings


we have installed the Ayascript option. Is it possible to set a security group such that they can run Scripts but not edit them ? I have looked trhough the various internal objects in the security settings and cannot see anything obvious.

No there is not a security setting to prevent editing of scripts using the AyaScripts utility.

Scripts should only be provided to the computers where they are expected to be run by those responsible.

AyaScript is potentially dangerous - it allows you to do anything you can do in the AyaNova program but a million times more quickly so it’s very easy to damage your data. There is no safety net. For this reason we recommend in the strongest possible terms that you develop your scripts on a trial database or a copy of your live data and test thoroughly before you even consider making the script available to your live data users

Also see AyaScript for AyaNova plugin

  • Joyce