Back up and the network Firebird configuration

As identified in the Help section to configure for network Firebird use, the AYANOVA.FDB file should never be directly copied or moved with the Firebird Manager running, or users or other programs attaching to the database.

For this reason, you would never directly backup the AYANOVA.FDB file. Doing so can cause issues and loss of data.

We provide the batch file networkFirebirdsnapshot.bat in the AyaNova 3 program directory that can be edited to reflect your AyaNova database location and settings to create “snapshots” of the AyaNova database.

Only the snapshot file that is created would be backed up.

Running this snapshot batch file also allows you to schedule backups

without having to make sure all users are out of AyaNova,
not having to shut down the Generator or Data Portal,
and not having to shut down the Firebird Manager.
You can also use the Scheduled Tasks to schedule when the snapshot is taken so you have a fresh snapshot just before every backup each night.

Refer to the AyaNova Help section on backup and recovery for detailed information.

It is in your best interest to backup regularly, and confirm the backup is successfull each time.