Backing up database on a Firebird Server

I did not set up the firebird server so I am not very familiar with how everything works.
I am attempting to back up our database, but I am stuck at this step “3. Replace the default SYSDBA password “masterkey” with the password you set in the configuration of the network Firebird server if applicable”

Where might I find this password within the Firebird folders?

Hi Charlotte

If not familiar with a previous setting, just a heads for the future - you can easily review the steps of whatever it is also in the AyaNova online Help documentation.
For example, the Firebird Server networking steps for AyaNova are available via
With the specific step about editing the configuration file being step #6

Open your existing configuration file config.txt in your AyaNova program folder (default location is C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova and you can also find this by viewing the properties of your AyaNova desktop icon)
Compare to the example screenshot and details in step #6 of
so you can see what the password is, if changed from the default.

  • Joyce