Banked Incidents

I have 3 clients setup to 1 Head Office, I have enable the Banked server for the Head Office and and enabled 50 incidents. These are to be shared by all 3 clients.

However i cant seem to set a banked incident against a workorder for any of the 3 clients, please can someone help or advise on another way of doing this

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What exactly is occurring when you say “can’t set a banked incident against a workorder”? By providing what you see, and exactly what you do, this makes sure I am making no assumptions and also have an exact idea of exactly what you are doing and seeing and can help. Also see the forum topic

Please provide the following so that I can help:

Make a screenshot of the Head Office’s entry screen
Make a screenshot of one of these three clients Client entry screen
Now make a screenshot of a workorder for this specific client with the Labor subsection columns all completely showing so that I can defintiely see the banked service column
Zip up those three screenshots into a WinZip file and attach to your reply
Identify exactly step by step what it is that you do to bank labor service in the workorder for this client - note that the AyaNova 4 Help file section (URL removed as for older version no longer supported - see the latest version of AyaNova) provides step by step with screenshots walking you through this - do follow along. If you note something majorly different from the steps, do be sure to identify in your steps

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

Enclosed is the Zip files with the screen shots you have asked for. I have followed this procedure and when I get to item 5 to click on the banked service image for the first labour item. I get no prompt to confirm and nothing is deducted from the total.



In the workorder screenshot, I can see that you do NOT have a Service Rate selected in the labor record.

You must have a Service Rate selected as well as the Service Rate Quantity entered before being able to apply Banked Service.

Do not forget to Save the workorder after selecting the Service Rate before being able to apply to banked service.

Do post back this now resolves your issue.

  • Joyce