Barcode Compatibility

I am aware that AyaNova supports the printing of bar codes, but does AyaNova support the use of a bar code scanner? If so, is there a scanner in particular that the AyaNova team would suggest?

Any information on this subject would be greatly appreciated.


Adam Cleveland

Software Developer

Blue Ocean Technologies

Hi Adam

Any software is barcode compatible, as is AyaNova. Any generic barcode reader can enter the data it scans into a field as if it was typed in by a keyboard - saving entry time and preventing accidental incorrect entries.

We don’t have a particular scanner to suggest - as have just used a very basic Unitech MS210 in testing - but you could use any scanner to do the following in AyaNova:

You can use a barcode to scan an unit’s serial number or an part number off of the physical item to bring up that AyaNova unit or AyaNova part from the appropriate drop down list when selecting within a workorder.

Or scan the unit’s serial number or the part number barcode off the physical item when first entering into AyaNova - i.e. if entering a part into AyaNova, place the cursor within the Part Number field, scan the part’s actual part number that is on its existing barcode, and than fill in the other fields. Or place the cursor in the UPC field in the part entry screen, scan the actual part’s UPC barcode which will automatically fill it in. Then in a workorder, when about to enter parts into the workorder, place cursor in the drop down list and scan the physical barcode of the part. Or if have entered the parts UPC code in the part entry screen, than place your cursor in the UPCX field in the workorder to bring up the corresponding part.

As you also wrote, yes, you can also integrate bar codes to display on reports or labels printed from AyaNova so that you can also use your scanner on printed reports (i.e. scan the workorder number barcode on a client’s claim receipt when your cursor is in the Direct Open field at the top to enter in the workorder number for you).Let me know if you have additional questions.

  • Joyce

That is all good news to hear, Joyce. Thank you very much for your prompt response and knowledge on the subject!