Basic Question?

I have been evaluating AyaNova from the perspective of an organisation that orders it’s maintenance work from service providers. i.e. We don’t provide service maintenance on items such as air conditioners - we request it from one of a number of possible companies that service air conditioners etc.

I’m not sure that our organisation (which is an outback medical provider with a number of clinics and staff houses to maintain) can successfully utilise your product as it appears to be aimed at the service providers and we are a mirror image of them!

We issue tenders for work, purchase orders for work and materials and have to keep records of subsequent costs against our budget. In doing this we have work orders for corrective maintenance work, preventative maintenance work and frequency based maintenance work. These in turn are allocated to contractors who then invoice us for work that they have completed.

My question is simply can AyaNova be utilised for our maintenance planning, scheduling and costing without having to program ‘work arounds’ ?

Steve W.

Hi Steve

I totally see where yes, you would use AyaNova for this - just as a company may use AyaNova to schedule their own internal service, their own internal preventive maintenance, etc - so too would you.

What we usually suggest to a company that wishes to use AyaNova to schedule their own internal service is the following:

  1. You might have your company as the only “Client”, and than all equipment that would ever be serviced would be “Units” of that client

As you can use the Localization feature of AyaNova to change the labels of anything in AyaNova, localize “Units” to “Equipment” or whatever

  1. Or you might have what is presently “Clients” in AyaNova each be a department of your organization, or a specific building , or a specific piece of equipment that is made up of many pieces - totally depends on what it is that you have service performed on. And than what is “Units” in AyaNova would be equipment of that department , or equipment/areas of that building , or sub-pieces of the equipment

Again, use the localization feature to rename existing labels for fields in AyaNova to whatever makes the most use for your company.

For example, a trucking company with many trucks might use AyaNova to maintain scheduling and service history on every one of their trucks. So they localize what is presently “Clients” to “Trucks”, and all the various pieces of equipment that make up the truck would each be entered as a “Unit” (or localized to “Truck Parts”). So when they create a workorder for a truck, they can select a specific unit (or Truck Part) that is being serviced, and can identify the amount of labor spent on the service, what parts were used in that maintenance, details on the service provided, warrenty work, etc into the workorder for history of service, for reporting such as the amount of service a particular truck or piece of truck part is being serviced again and again (identifies items at the end of their useful life) and so on… And they can also select the truck in a Preventive Maintenance order (and also select one or more specific Truck Parts to be serviced in that PM) that will automatically convert to a workorder based on their setup of that PM.

Another example, you have a number of clinics and staff houses to maintain, so again, I would suggest going with #2 - where you might localize “Clients” to “BUildings” and eack of the clinics / staff houses are entered as an individual building, and than any specific “sub” equipoment of that building - from a piece of medical equipment to a kitchem stove could be entered as a “unit” of that building so that it can be selected for specific service within a workorder for that building if applicable.

To license AyaNova, you purchase licenses for the number of schedulable users. So for example, if you do want to track the actual service company that performed the service, and how much you are paying out to that service company based on the amount you have entered as labor / parts / etc into workorders, you would purchase schedulable user licenses for the number of possible service companies you might deal with. Or you might even just purchase one AyaNova schedulable user license so that you can use all of the features of AyaNova, except for identifying who performs the service.

I hope this points you in a starting direction. By all means, do let me know if you have additional questions. Do provide details on what it is that you are doing and wanting to do, and I can let you know if AyaNova has that ability or not. We fully want all people to completely try out AyaNova before purchasing to ensure it meets their needs. If you have not yet asked for a temporary keycode to fully unlock the trial so that you can fully go through all features along with the tutorials and details information from the AyaNova v3 Manual,do refer to the Answers web page question [b]<A href="