Be sure to edit imported AyaNova CE security groups for rights to new features

Once AyaNova CE data is imported, the final step as outlined in the AyaNova v3 Manual is to go through the newly imported data, and perform such editing as:

Confirm imported data is correct
Add login names and passwords for users
Edit Security groups as CE did not have the same features as AyaNOva v3
Edit PM Items as needed
Enter part adjustments as needed

If you have imported your AyaNova CE data, AyaNova CE security groups that are imported may not have rights set for some of the new features of AyaNova v3 - including inventory related features.

For example, if you have imported security groups from AyaNova CE, the parts related objects may be set to Forbidden or Read Only by default such as screenshot below.

If you do not edit the security groups as directed in the AyaNova v3 Manual steps , it would result in such issues as not having a New… button on grids such as the Parts grid menu bar as that would require Read / Write / Delete rights to the Object.Part

When it should show the New… button if the security group should have the rights to create new parts

Be sure to check rights provided to AyaNova objects for any security groups before continuing.