Billable and NC Report for labor and travel - version

Sometimes, we only partially bill a Customer. So, sometimes we will post (for example) 10 hours of labor but put 2 hours in the no charge column.
We also do this with travel time.
Is there a report that automatically calculates these adjustments and comes up with a grand total?


It is expected that in the Service Rate Quantity field you enter only the number of hours that are actually billable.
And No Charge Hours would be the number of hours that are not charged.

So for example, if a tech was onsite for a total of 10 hours, but you only want to bill out 8 of those 10 hours, then you would put 8 into the Service Rate Quantity field as that is your billable hours, and 2 into the No Charge Hours field.

Also review the recommended use of the fields of the Labor subsection for Service Rate Quantity and No Charge Quantity

Entering only the billable hours in the Service Rate Quantity and the non-billable hours in the No Charge Amount gives you an opportunity to indicate this clearly to the customer and gain goodwill by making it apparent to the client that they have not been charged for something.

And when you do so, then sample report templates such as Sample Service Workorder with No Charge Amounts and Sample Total Billable Grouped By Project Includes No Charge Hours Report from the Service Workorder grid , and Sample Actual Total Hours Based on Entered Start and Stop Times Report with Grand Total from the Labor grid will show correctly.

For more on this, also see the forum topics such No-Charge-Quantity (search for charge amount ).

  • Joyce