Billing for metered units

Hi. There are some businesses here renting out copiers and base their billing on the meter reading. Parts and consumables are all free of charge, but have to be accounted for. Can that be included in the final release? Thanks


Hello Orlando

I may be misunderstanding your post - are you asking if you would be able to enter in parts and consumables at no charge?

If so - yes - you can edit pricing of parts as needed when entering within service workorders, in this way maintaining your inventory control and maintaining service history by identifying the client and when the parts and consumables were used.

  • Joyce


What I meant was that there are some establishments here in our place that rent out their photocopiers, and they charge their customers a fixed amount per page copied. Billing is based on meter reading, that is why I asked if there will be an option to convert monthly meter reading into invoices.

The initial release of AyaNova v3 does not have a feature to auto-convert the difference of meter readings to parts (i.e takes the difference between a meter reading at one date, and a meter reading at another date and enters this quantity within the Parts subscreen) but it is a good idea for an addiitonal feature. Thank you for your suggestion.