boost_regex-vc80-mt-p-1_33.dll error


I just wanted to post this here in the event any other user ever encounters this error message that may show afterthey have logged into QBI:

AyaNova QBI: AyaNovaQBI.exe - Unable To Locate Component

This application has failed to start because boost_regex-vc80-mt-p-1_33.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.


The error occurs because you had originally installed a QuickBooks SDK package on your computer and than uninstalled the SDK package. Even though your QuickBooks program itself will run fine, as a result the optional add-on AyaNOva QBI will have problems such as the error above because QuickBooks is now telling it needs to be there. QuickBooks has some real funky registry editing and stuff into the EntitlementDataStore.ecml they do that is a real pain, and once you have installed the SDK, QB expects the SDK to always be there.

To resolve, install the same version of the QuickBooks SDK you had previously, reboot, and the error will no longer occur and you will be able to run QBI.

NOTE: you do NOT need QuickBooks SDK installed to run QBI so do not download and install it unless you are a developer creating soemthing with QuickBooks SDK. QBI only requires that the QBFC version stated in its Help file is installed as well as the QuickBooks program.

  • Joyce