Broken Rules when entering new subgrid items while using DataPortal and SQL

Blank DB, using remote Portal and MSSQL, populating subgrids with new content, upon saving get msg saying "cant be saved 1 or more items with broken rules.

If opt out get sample msg like:

“Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint ‘PK__AWORKORDERCATEGO__0B91BA14’. Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘AWORKORDERCATEGORY’.
The statement has been terminated.”

And the program shuts down. This is every time new populating effort. The info is saved however.

I am missing something ?

Hi Bert

Thank you for providing the details on how you were connecting, and the error message as it gave the information so that I could recreate here and see what is occurring.

If connecting to the AyaNova database via the AyaNova Data Portal, entering new items into any of the subgrids will result in the issue you see.

I will move this to the Known Issues & Updates section of this forum and we will have this issue addressed in an update for the Data Portal.

At this time, add new entries into sub-grids via a local network connection to the database instead of via a Data Portal connection to the database. I will ensure that a post back is made to this topic so that you are notified as soon as this is addressed.

  • Joyce

Hi again Bert

Just also wanted to let you know that we will have this looked into tomorrow and will post back with a fix.

  • Joyce

Hi Bert

To fix this issue, perform the following:

  1. Download the latest QuickFix file from

  2. On every computer running AyaNova (server, networked computers and remote computers accessing via Data Portal configuration), delete the existing AyaNova.exe dated March 1 2007, and replace with the extracted AyaNova.exe dated march 14 2007

  3. Log in on a remote computer that connects via the Data Portal and repeat your steps above - creating a Workorder Cateogry via the Workorder Categories subgrid - the error will no longer occur

Let me know this now works for you.

<Editor’s Note: note of course that if you are viewing this at a later date, that the quickfix will be for a newer version and you should follow the instructions in the QuickFix for that specific version>

  • Joyce