Bug in Template

Hi Joyce,

I appreciate you putting this report template together http://forum.ayanova.com/FindPost2404.aspxand this is the one I need to use. Unfortunately there is a bug in it.

I’ve attached a printout and you can see in the first workorder (#8297) instead of summing the total number of labor hours (2.25) in red on only the last line, it created three totals, one for each work order item.

As you can see, all the other workorders’ labor summaries totaled correctly.

Please take a look at the template and post a revised one ASAP.


Hi Bob

There is a mis-interpretation of what the report template displays

The field in red -xrLabel3 - is a sum of the Group. And the Group is of each workorder item. If there are multiple workorder items in a workorder, than this label will identfy the sum for each, whereas the field xrBillTotal sums up all workorder items.

I have labeled the field xrLabel4 to the right of the sum as “Total Hours in this Workorder Item” as text to identify that field xrLabel3 sums up for each workorder item, not for the workorder as a whole.

Your workorder #8297 has three workorder items, therefore 3 separate sums will display for that workorder.

  • Joyce


Hi Joyce,

I see what you mean.My mistake.

Ithoughtafter our dialog http://forum.ayanova.com/Topic2393-100-1.aspxthat one of the two new templates you created wouldgenerate the report I need.

The good news isI was able to accomplish this task and we now have a template that generates the data in the format we desired.