Calendar colors

We have a user that when he looks at his workorders on the calendar, they are not the same color for him as they are for us. We use different colors for different statuses of the workorder. The one that caught our attention is displayed as green on the coordinator’s computer and on mine, but on that one user, he said the color of that workorder on the calendar is white.

His security group is service tech and his User type is Schedulable user.

Any ideas?


Hi Joe, perhaps it is something with the specific web browser he is using.

Have you tested logging in to WBI as him and comparing the status color when logged in as him compared to logged in to WBI as someone else?
Send either a private forum message or a direct email to with your WBI URL
Include the username and the password for this user, as well as his displayed name in the Schedule screen.
Also include the AyaNova Administrator username and password
I will log into your WBI and see from my side.

  • Joyce

Hi agian Joe, will you be sending the URL and usernames and passwords so that I can help?

Or if you determined the issue, do post back

  • Joyce

Sorry for the delay, we had an emergency with our ERP system which of course is our main software and it took me days to work it out.

On this problem, I did do some digging and found it is computer related. I have found so far, 2 of our service techs are having the issue with the web version only. I logged onto to the wbi from one of the techs computers as myself and all the events on the calendar are white, the background colors for the left navigation are all white. It appears something is wrong with his browser or the browser is using a dll or something that is missing or corrupted. Not sure exactly, can you advise?



Oh, another thing…

I logged on as him on wbi on my computer and it works fine.


Hi again Joe
As WBI doesn’t itself use any AyaNova related files that are physically on the computer, instead it is web pages from the server’s WBI that are loaded on that commputer’s browser - based on your troubleshooting so far that it doesn’t matter who you log into WBI as on these two computers, that there is something specific with these two computers that is causing this.

What you now need to do is troubleshoot what is the same about these two computers compared to computers where this does not occur, and go from there - for example:

What is the browser used on these 2 computers?
What is that browser’s version?
What is the display adapter on these 2 computers?
And the driver used with this display adapter?
What is the color quality set for the display adapter - 16bit, 32 bit, etc?
It could be that the browser in use is corrupted or has an issue that needs to be fixed. It could be that the display adapter driver needs to be re-installed or updated. It could be that you have the color quality on the display adapter set to below 32bit. Do check these out and post back what you find

  • Joyce

I have came to the same conclusion, was hoping you or someone has seen this before and knew exactly what I needed to do to fix this. Darn it, more work :slight_smile:

Thanks Joyce, I will post what I do to fix it.


Hi again, if you post at minimum what the browser and its version is on these computers, and the display adapter and what color quality using etc, it might trigger a response or an idea.

  • Joyce

Okay, here is the skinny on the calendar color issue.

I noticed the user was on the internet one day at and the colors were all gone, everything was strange looking there too. I got to looking and foundthe Accessibility Options / Display/ Use High Contrast checkbox was checked. I unchecked that and all is returned to normal. How nuts is that???

One of those things :slight_smile:

Thanks for you help non the less.

I am glad to hear you determined what it was, and also thank you for posting here what it was on that computer that was causing it - in Control Panel’s Accessibility Options / Display/ Use High Contrast checkbox was checked

  • Joyce