Can I customize the AyaNova user interface or have someone customize it for me?

AyaNova CE is not customizable other than report templates that you can create with Crystal Reports.

We provide a standard interface for all users which allows us to offer AyaNova licenses at their low license price.

The next generation AyaNova will allow custom fields to be added, as well as allow localization of field labels. Do refer to the forum the next generation AyaNovafor more information

Since I purchased Ayanova just over a year ago, there has been talk of an updated version but nothing has come down the pipe yet. Is there any expected delivery time for a new version? The reason I am asking is that I have outgrown the features of Ayanova and need a more comprehensive and visually appealing program. One of the products I have started to look at is TigerPaw as an alternative - But, it does cost more.

From what I just read of AyaNova v3 - It will contain many of the things that I want but I cannot wait another year?

The information found on the forumthe next generation does indicate that the next generation is definitely only its way.

Based on what we see right now, we would guesstimate release of the beta in November/December. Note this is a guesstimate only, as we can not provide a specific release date due to programming issues that have arose and will arise.

We continue to work on development of service management software that includes all features users need, but also be affordable for small businesses.

We are in the process of looking for another CRM solution as AyaNova is so uncustomizable. Can we be beta testers for the new product?


AyaNova customization abilities are posted on our Features Answers web page

Please post beta testing requests under the Wish List forum section

[Edit Note: AyaNova versions 3 & 4 now includes custom fields as well as full localization (all fields can be edited to whatever you want, including other language, as well as an internal report designer)]