Can I delete the sample data when testing out the trial?

Yes and No

You can delete any sample workorders or workorders you create while in trial mode

You can delete any client, unit, part, rate, statusetc if it has NOT been selected within a workorder.

We provide the trial AyaNova with existing sample data so that when you go through the AyaNova Manual from you can have some data to work with to see how first to use AyaNova. And as all features are active, you can also enter in your own data as well to try out all features, as well as delete any data you do not want while testing it out.

When you enter your license key that is emailed to you when you purchase AyaNova licenses, you will then have the ability to delete the sample data via anew button that is exposed on the Database Utilities menu that allows you to erase the sample data. It will erase all data entered in the program up to that point.

You can download an empty AyaNova database file from The empty trial database still utilizes sample users and technicians, but all sample workorders, clients, units etc have been removed.

  1. Rename your existing trial AyaNova database file SCDATA.SC (default location is C:\Program Files\AyaNova\Database but may vary depending on where you installed it to) to something like SCDATA.BAKUP
  2. Unzip the attached file using WinZIpand extract to the same location where your original SCDATA.SC was in step 1
  3. Just like the trial AyaNova database you presently have, you can not edit the sample technician and users names in this database as it is still a trial, just without the sample data.
  4. Do note that AyaNova requires at least one client, one service rate, one travel rate and one technician before creating a workorder so do not delete the default client, default rate, and default travel rate that is in this empty database until you have create new ones.
  5. Be aware when going through the features that because no data is entered, that if you receive an error it may be because there is no data. It is recommended to review the AyaNova Manual from going through each of the sections for a complete overview of AyaNova.