Can I Do This?

So I presently have customers fill out a sheet of paper with their name/address/contact info, computer problem, password and have them sign the form indicating that they agree to pay for service. Some people may not want a signature, but I tell you it holds up in court really well.
Very often we will try to give them an estimate on the spot as well.
We get lots of walkins - both new and repeat customers.

In all this process takes the customer about 5 minutes and then everything about the service performed is placed on this same sheet of paper.

We of course want to move this online and use some software to help with this -Ayanova seems to fit the budget and has some nice bells and whistles.

So if I try to do this same thing in Ayanova it seems I have to:

  1. Set them up in the “Clients Screen”
  2. Enter a Unit to record their computer information
  3. Enter the service performed
  4. Print out their receipt and have them sign the intake form with the service agreement.

That is a lot of steps. Is there like some sort of master screen where I could capture the bare minimums for a new customer and get them into the system?

Also, is there an import utility that would allow for customer record imports?

Hi Bitworks, great to hear from you!

Client information is entered in a Client entry screen - you only have to enter it once so that the client record can be selected elsewhere in the AyaNova program as well as for future workorders without having to enter the data again. So your repeats the process is even faster. And new walkins its really easy to get to. Also entering the client information once so it can be selected provides the ability to easily filter and run reports from grids, as well as makes it easier for repeat service.

And with AyaNova’s “jump” buttons, its very easy to create a new client while creating a new workorder if need be.

And if you would like to track specific unit history, we recommend entering each equipment being serviced as a Unit in AyaNova - again so that you just have to enter the data once and can select it easily and quickly where needed for any service, as well as provides the ability to easily filter and run reports such as showing all service history for a specific unit.

And again, with AyaNova’s jump buttons, its very easy to create a new unit for a client right from within the workorder if need be.

Here’s a scenario - check out the Tip which shows screenshots and walks you through this:
[li]Select to create a new service workorder which brings up the Client selection window
[/li][li]Type in the client’s name to see if already entered and easily select if so.
[/li][li]If this client is not already entered in AyaNova, easily click on the Client jump button where you can quickly enter what minimal information you want to at that point - i.e. client name, phone number, address, etc
[/li][li]Save which returns you to the client selection window with that new client selected. OK
[/li][li]Now your workorder entry screen for this client displays where you can quickly and easily enter in what service required.
[/li][li]You can always click on the Client jump button to open the Client entry screen to add more informaiton etc whenever.
[/li][li]Print out for example a Client Claim Receipt or other customized report for the client to sign (or use WBI to have the client sign electronically which “stays” with the workorder).
[/li][li]If unit being serviced is not yet entered in AyaNova, similar to above in that in the service workorder entry screen Unit subsection just click on the Unit jump button which opens the Unit entry screen where you can enter in what information you want - minimal or all including serial number, etc. Save. Which returns you to the screen you had jumped from where you can continue entering what details in the workorder needed.

Have you checked out the many Tips on use and tutorials in the Help documentation which walk you through step by step and provide many suggestions on how you can easily use AyaNova?

For importing client records, YES, we do provide the no charge ImportExportCSV utility for importing client records and more.
Review the Help documentation section starting with for details on installation and use. And you can certainly try this out fully while trialing AyaNova too!

Let me know any additional questions or clarifications I can help with

  • Joyce