Can I import data from another program into AyaNova such as clients, parts etc?


AyaNova does not have a specific import / export feature as there could be many many different types and formats of information imported into AyaNova.

The most common method is to use Access 2000SP1 or higher which can open the AyaNova database file SCDATA.SC directly for importing and using an insert query, or exporting. The AyaNova database file can be treated exactly the same as any Access 2000 database even though AyaNova itself is not an Access program.

Note that AyaNova does not require Access, is not written using Access and is a completely stand alone program. We chose the most widely used database format in the world for easy importing and exporting and to encourage 3rd party developers.

Information on the database can be found within the AyaNova Manual reference section, and detailed information on the database schema can be found in the AyaNova database schema documentation

If you do not have Access 2000 SP1 (or higher) or other product that supports Access 2000 (JET 4.0) databases or do not want to do it yourself, you can contact an experienced database consultant by searching on the internet or via your phone book.

Refer to the Local Services web page for developers that may be able to do this for you, as well as to the forum AyaNova Related Services & Products.

We will happily provide any information required about the AyaNova database to anyone who needs it, however, we can not help you learn how to use Access or any other 3rd party software so some experience is required to import or export data.

If you have one of the compatible versions of QuickBooks as listed on the AyaNova QBI (QuickBooks Integration) web page you may be interested in the optional add-on QBI (QuickBooks Integration) which one of its many features is the ability to import QuickBooks customers and items into AyaNova.