Can I use one item for all non-inventory items?

We do not stock much inventory but we install lots of different parts (Computer Service Company). I do not maintain a list of inventory, since we don’t stock much.

I don’t want to have to create a part for each item that we sell (in either Ayanova or QuickBooks). In QuickBooks, we just use an item called Resale Part for all parts. Then I give a description and price for that part. Can that be done with Ayanova?

My impression so far (we are new to Ayanova) is that a part must be created for each item sold. Is there a way around this?


You can do the same in AyaNova.

I’m just going to recreate in AyaNova and QBI to make sure its the way I think it is and than post here.

Back shortly.

  • Joyce

Hi again.
Yep - you do not need to create a part for each item sold.

You can do the same as what you are doing in QuickBooks - for example:

In AyaNova, disable Inventory in the Global Settings so that inventory stock, purchase orders, etc do not affect you.
Via QBI, import the Resale Part item from QuickBooks into AyaNova - or link to a part created in AyaNova called Resale Part to the item in QuickBooks called Resale Part.
In an AyaNova service workorder, select the Resale Part part, enter in the quantity, enter in the actual price, and enter in the Description field details of the part. (you can enter many many rows of this - it doesn’t have to be only one)
When you use QBI to invoice the service workorder into an invoice in QuickBooks, QBI will identify that the Resale Part in this workorder has a different retail price than that set in QuickBooks, so you would flag to use the AyaNova’s workorder retail price, not QuickBooks.
Than you would use QBI to create the invoice - which would close the workorder in AyaNova and create the invoice in QuickBooks.
Do note when a service workorder’s parts are invoiced in QuickBooks - the Description in the invoice is that stated in the linked QuickBooks part, not what is identified in the Description field in a part record in an AyaNova workorder.
So you may also want to print off a Detailed Completed Workorder report to include with the QuickBooks invoice to a customer - as than you can inlcude in the report template from AyaNova to display all specifics such as the Part Description, as well as labor details etc.

  • Joyce

How do I make the description of the product appear on the work order?

I did create a part called “resale part” and then put in a description (under description box) but the description does not show when I printthe work order.


You would edit the report template using the internal custom report designer and insert the Description data field to the report template.

For information on how to use the internal custom report designer, please refer to the AyaNova v3 Manual section “Creating Custom Reports” page 617 which includes tutorials such as “TUTORIAL: Adding Data Fields to a Report" starting page 645

I recommend going through the section, and than through the tutorials included on the custom report designer.

The AyaNova v3 Manual is available from and contains detailed information on every feature, tips on use, tutorials, and step by step configuration information.

  • Joyce