Can not access user configuration screen

I am login in as manager with the password. I select Administration and then Users. I see all my old user info but can not access them to change activity. Any suggestions???

I also can not open any workorders that imported over either!!!


Sorry, A little history. Just upgraded from import worked successfully according to the message at the end of the import!!


I figured it out!!! PLEASE IGNORE!!!

Hi Scott

I was just typing a reply when you posted that you determined what it was.

I am glad you determined the issue, butcan you post what was the issue?

Was the issue that the entry screen for the user and the entry screen for the workorder was not opened?

The AyaNova v3 Manual contains tutorials that we encourage you to got through when first using AyaNova to get a complete overview of features, including opening and editing records such as workorders, users etc. The tutorials include screenshots so that you can follow along with your copy of AyaNova.

The AyaNova v3 Manual contains detailed information on all features as well as tips on use, tutorials, and installation and configuration steps. The AyaNova v3 Manual can be downloaded from

Thank you

  • Joyce

The issue was that I was not clicking on the wo number itself.