*Can now order parts from a vendor that isn't set as the part's wholesaler in PO**

In my business we do not want to inventory every part that we need to perform service jobs and link it to a vendor. We need to be able to just set up a vendor and be able to buy misc parts as required and be able to post to a workorder. is this possible?

As inventory control relies on parts, purchase orders, receipts and adjustmentstied together, if the part has not been entered, then it can not be selected within a purchase order for that vendor.

This has brought to light an issue in the Beta that will be resolved whereby although a second Alternative Wholesaler has been set within a Part’s entry screen, the part is not available for selection within a purchase order where that alternative wholesaler has been selected as the vendor for that ppurchase order.

To enter in misc parts (parts not in inventory), you would utilize the Misc Expenses within a service workorder.


That might be a huge problem for us. there is no way to cut a po from within expenses to the vendor. We purchase a lot of parts that we dont inventory and they are all a little bit different. I dont think it makes sense to enter a whole whack of inventory that we never want to have on our shelves. it makes more sense for us to let distributorsstock the parts and then we purchase when we need. if there is no po how do we track parts for the work orders, receive etc. i am going to have to test a little more with the purchaser to see if it will work for us.

As we want to get AyaNova out for public release real quick, not sure if that would be something that can be added to the immediate to do list, but its a pretty cool idea and will see what can do.

I will move this posting to the Wish List forum as it is a request for change in design or behavior of AyaNova.

Most of what we do related to parts is either drop shipped or ordered on an “As Needed” basis.

Hey are you guys getting any where with this? has it been addressed and will anyone be looking into it or implementing?

Hello Jay

Wish list items will be looked intoafter the release of the QBI and the web browser interface for AyaNova v3.

Be assured that every item listed in here will be looked into in detail.

Just following up again. My company will be purchasing new software soon and i was wondering what the time line will be on the wish list items?

Hi Jay, we’ll be looking at the wish list after the release of the WBI web browser interface. We’re just now putting the finishing touches on the AyaNova 3.2 release which will fix all the items in the bug list, addssome speed improvements ang grid view improvementsand prepares AyaNova so we can write the WBI web browser interface.

That’s the best I cantell you at the moment.

Just an update - the ability to set so youcan select any part for ordering in a PO regardless if the vendor is that part’s wholesaler or not will be a new feature in the new AyaNova 5.x estimated release late spring 2009

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