Can Text Design Be Changed?

I have been looking for service software, and while on ZD i found this program, everything looked pretty good until i tried to change the key from part, to item, parts may be ok, for auto repair, but i am not in that business, can this change be made?



Yes, all text labels can be changed - localized to whatever you want.

For example, if you do not want to use the label “Parts” - you can localize to “Items” or whatever best suits your service type.

Do review the AyaNova v3 Manual (download from following section and tutorials so that you get a walk-through on how to localize:
-Localized Text Designer? page 469
-Tutorial: Localizing Field Descriptions in a Service Workorder? page 228

The tutorial first walks you through creating your own locale first, than finding the key you want to localize, changing the Standard Display Text, saving this locale, selecting this new local in the user’s entry screen, exiting AyaNova, logging in as this user, now seeing that the text is now labeled with this new display text. The tutorial also goes on how to delete the locale - you don’t have to delete this locale you made, but continue to use it for your own display text.

Once you have done this tutorial, now to localize any text “Part” to “Item”, perform the same steps again to to create a locale (if you have deleted the example locale as per the steps in the tutorial), open this locale, find all Standard Display Text that has the text “Part” in it, and edit the Standard Display Text to what you wish. Save, make sure the user(s) entry screen has been edited to use this new locale, save, exit out of AyaNova, log back in and now the new text you have will now show.

Use the Find and Replace menu option to automatically replace text with new text - do note it is case sensitive - so do a search and replace for"part" “Parts”, “parts” and “Part”

You can also use the sort icon on the top of the columns to sort the fields to find text - for example, this screenshot shows the Standard Display Text column sorted and I scrolled down to find “p’s”

The AyaNova v3 Manual available for download from contains detailed information about every feature as well as tips on use and tutorials with screenshots so easy to follow along.

I also suggested checking out the AyaNova QuickStart also from which identifes sections of the AyaNova v3 Manual to get you up and going and point you towards the sections you might want to review.

Also, for your convienence, use the Search feature of this forum, to enter text to search for exisitng topics on a feature or message. For example, at the right hand top of the forum is the menu option Search - enter in the text localization which brings up a number of topics where localization was discussed.

I do wish you had identified how you had attempted to change the key for the text “part” in case you have already performed what I suggest above, but may have been missing a step that resulted in it not working.I wouldn’t want to be redundant, so if you perform the above, but it doesn’t work, please identfy for me what you have done, and what doesn’t work etc so that I can provide a more concise reply.

  • Joyce