"CanGrow" property in a Detailed Report Template

In a detailed report template, the CanGrow property on a datafield will only work if that datafield is in the lowest level.

For example, a detailed report template for workorders will have the three levels:



WorkorderItemWorkorderItemLabor (and Part, and Travel, etc etc)

Datafields in WorkorderHeader and WorkorderHeaderWorkorderItem that may span multiple lines (such as the Summary Details field from the workorder item) won’t grow to show all lines, whereas the Labor Details datafield in the Labor band will grow correctly - because the Labor band is the lowest level.

The report designer component developer has assured us this will be addressed shortly and they will provide us with updated files so that we may release in a maintainance update for AyaNova.

At this time until the latest report designer files are updated, as an exmaple, if you include the Workorderitem’s Summary Details on a detailed report template, to work around this: - customize your detailedreport template to have that datafield preset to the height of the number of lines you normally enter.

This issue has been addressed in 4.0.1