Cannot Delete Parts?

I need to delete some test parts and am unable to do so? They are not linked to any work order, any manufacturer - ANYTHING yet there is no option to delete the part?

There are some good things about the new version but the more I use it, the more frustrated I am becoming at straight forward, simple issues like displaying the Manufacturer with the part automatically, not being able to delete parts and more …

Hi again

Parts once entered, cannot be deleted. This is to maintain database integrity because of the many new inventory related features that are now a part of AyaNova v3.

As outlined in the AyaNova v3 Manual section on Parts, if a part is no longer needed, un-checkmark the Active field in the part entry screen so that the part is no longer selectable in the list of parts in a workorder.

To change the part display format - do this via Global Settings in the Part Display Format field. Additional details on Global Settings can be found in the Global Settings section of the manual, including screenshots and information on each of the fields in GLobal Settings

The AyaNova v3 Manual is downloadable from - do go through the manual sections as it contains detailed information on all of the new features as well as tips on use and tutorials for your convienence.

  • Joyce

While I certainly appreciate the support and the help on these forums which is fantastice - Might I be so humble as to make a suggestion … In many of your responses to everyone you keep on saying - “Read the Manual” While the comment is completely well founded and you are right - Reading a 705 page manual that is very vague in areasa is not easy and time does not permit.

My thought is that the forums are to be used to gain quick answers to pressing issues - eg. I need to stop displaying manufacturers in parts - Do not recall and link an email comment I made a year ago to back up a point - That is not very customer service friendly.

If these forums are not to be used to ask questions - Then please state that but if that is their intent, then please stop telling us to read the manual.

Hi again

I believe there may have been a misunderstanding ofmy initial responses. I did provide information on how to change the part display format - by selecting Global Settings and then changing Part display format. I also included where to find this information in the manual - outlining that the information is in the manual which may help youeven before you come up with the question.

Perhaps I wasn’t clear on this - if I wasn’t, I apologize and I am sorry if you find our service unhelpful - I thought I had identfied how to set the part display format, and in case you wanted to see it in context with other Global Settings, also referred you to the manual section on Global Settings as this may answer other questions you have not yet come across before they even become a question

For example, if you go through the section “Service Workorders” - that section includes much information regarding other aspects that you will find very helpful.

  • Joyce

I am afraid that you missed my point - I have never said that your service was unhelpful - Please do not misinterpret that. On the contrary I have said that you give great service and I appreciate it very much - Especially the speed to which questions are responded to.

My comment was merely a suggestion on how to improve. My observation was that the forums get quick answers to common questions without reading a 705 page manual - If we are not supposed to use these forums that way, then please say so.

Thank you for saying we provide great service

Please do re-read my initial post to your initial question - as I did say that it is possible to change the part display format, and also where to set the part display format. This is pretty standard on how responses are made through out this forum.

As above, I alsoincluded the information about where this information is located in the manual to point out that it is inmanual and that by reviewing those sections may alsoanswer other questions you have coming up.You don’t have to read all of the manual but reviewing the sections will allow you to get the most out of AyaNova as well as save you time, as it will point out information that you may not yet have even thought of. Again - I do recommend that you do review at minimum first those first couple sections - especially “Use Basics” and “Service Workorder”.

  • Joyce