Cannot delete Task Group

Hi again -

I am having a problem with Task Groups, I can’t delete them!!! Let me run through what is happening…

When I click on a WorkOrder and go to Tasks, I then Click on Task Group and I am presented with the Task Group gui.

In the name field is an automatically generated name of “dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss” - which I change to PC Build

I then add my tasks from left to right and save the Task Group.

All is good and works well!!!

But if I want todelete/alter the above “PC Build” I would then click on Task Group again, when the gui opens it creates a new Task Group in the format of “dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss”, I locate my above “PC Build” and click delete. Do you want to delete and I say yes.

Now when I go back to the Task Group creation GUI I have a new Task Group with name “dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss”

And I am stuck in a loop - delete the oldest Task Group, confirm closes the GUI, I go back and it creates a new group, I don’t want a new group until I click Save…

Endless loop of fun…lol…I have 6 Task Groups I wish to delete, but when I go into the GUI to delete one it creates another…help!!!

Hi Ian

Delete a Task Group the same as you would to delete a Schedulable User Group - you select the Task Group in the workorder item Tasks itself first which identified that you want to work with that one. Whereas if you click on the Task Group jump button with nothing selected, AyaNova is assuming you want to create a new Task Group.

  1. First you drop down the selection list in the workorder item and select the Task Group you want to delete

  1. Now click on the Task jump button with the Task Group selected

  1. This opens the Task Group entry screen

  2. Remove all the Tasks listed by deleting each of them in turn

  1. Save your changes

6.Now you canclick on the Delete menu option to delete this Task Group

  1. If you get a message like “This object can not be deleted because it is linked to one or more related objects” that means this Task Group and/or its tasks are selected in another workorder, and can not be deleted until it is no longer selected in any other workorder or quote or PM

  1. And you are returned to the workorder item where it may show the original internal ID GUID of the Task Group like below - just select the blank -

Let me know this helps

  • Joyce

Joyce as ever you are a saviour, my endless loop and banging of heads is solved.