Cant creat tasks


When in Service work orders, task section, pressing the task button to create new tasks i get the following error message then ayanova throws me out.

Error encountered while deserializing stream.

Let me know what to do.

Thanks, John M

Hi John

I have done a search in this forum for that error, as well in email support but do not see where anyone else has encountered this.

Please provide specifics and than we can try to recreate what happens for you and from there determine why this is occurring for you.

What version of AyaNova are you using?
Reconfirm the exact steps you are taking - in a open workorder, you select to view the Tasks subsection. Is there existing tasks already listed? Then without selecting an existing Task Group, you click on the Task Group jump button to open the Task Group entry screen?
Who are you logged into AyaNova as when you do this?
What security group is this user a member of?
What rights are set for this security group for Object.Task, Object.TaskGroup and Object.TaskGroupTask?
Does this same error message occur when logged in as the AyaNova Administrator doing the exact same steps?

Let me know these details so that I can help

  • Joyce