Can't install on Windows 2003 Terminal Server

I get an error when trying to install AyaNova on our Windows 2003 Terminal Server. I have full Administrator rights, I’m installing from the Add New Programs Control Panel on the machine (not remotely). Virus protection is turned off. Anyone have any ideas?


Listed on the AyaNova Technical Answers web page is answers and solutions to common issues including the Error 1607: Unable to install InstallShield Scripting Runtime

Have copied the soluton below:

There are a couple of possible reasons for the error message that is occurring

  1. First ensure that you delete ALL files in the C\WINNT\TEMP or C:\WINDOWS\TEMP directory and the Administrators TEMP directory. There are known cases where previous partial setup files and TMP files in the TEMP directory will cause problems with installing. This is because InstallShield is widely used to install numerous different programs, and previously extracted files can cause a problem with new installs. Than run the <SPAN class=normalText>2K_XP_scpsetup.exe</SPAN> again.

  2. The ISSCRIPT.MSI file can be corrupt on your station.

InstallShield is used to install thousands of software programs, including AyaNova. In the following InstallShield support page, will be a link to Download ISSCRIPT.MSI

You will need to unzip it using a compression utility like WinZip, and than run it as per the instructions on the web page.

After it’s installed, and you have rebooted your computer, run the <SPAN class=normalText>2K_XP_scpsetup.exe</SPAN>for Windows 2003again.

Could you post on here which solution addressed the issue?