Can't locate Tax Codes grid

OK , I give! We are going to start using the quotation system and I will need to set sales tax rates. However, I can not locate the tax rates grid on any toolbar.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Dan

Taxes are set up in the Tax Codes sub-grid (main grids top menu SubGrids -> Tax Codes)

Details on using the Tax Codes sub-grid are in the AyaNova Help section “Tax Codes”

When viewing the online Help, you can easily “jump” to the section you are interested in reviewing.

To set up defaults for taxes (so you do not have to pre-select), once you have set up your taxes, than set the defaults in Global Settings in the Administration navigation pane.

Do not forget to save and exit out of the AyaNova program and log back in for the defaults to become active for you.

  • Joyce

Bitten by yet another snake!

Thanks for the prompt response!!