Change Default Notes Type in Client Screen

We have customer notes from Quickbooks that we want to import to a field in Ayanova in a field is client specific and can be added to our custom dispatch report. Using Scheduleable User Notes as the field, we’d like that to be the default notes field that is active when you open a new or existing client. As these notes are for the dispatcher and the tech, this seems like the appropriate field. Is there a way to set that?


A suggestion would be touse the Client Import/Export plugin in AyaNova 5 to import client records from a CSV file into AyaNova following the format laid out in the AyaNova 5 Help file section (URL removed as for older version no longer supported - see the latest version of AyaNova)

As per that Client Import/Export section of the Help file, the Scheduleable User Notes field of the client entry screencan be imported into AyaNova as can all of the other fields identified in that section on the Client import/export plugin

Try that out - i.e. export one or two client records from QuickBooks into a CSV file that follows the format outlined, and import into AyaNova.

And when you create a workorder for a client in AyaNova, the Scheduleable User Notes field text is shown in the Client Contact Info area of the workorder (see also (URL removed as for older version no longer supported - see the latest version of AyaNova) as well as is available to display on detailed service workorder reports.

Do note though that when you view a client entry screen, the General Notes field is the default field that is shown. To view the Scheduleable User Notes, you must drop down the General Notes and select to view the Schedulable User Notes - but as mentioned above, you can see the notes easily from the workorder entry screen as well as from a detailed report from the workorder.

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The only problem I see with the Client Import/Export is that we already have all our clients imported and if we create a CSV file doing an export from Ayanova and add the new data in thepreviously unpopulated fields, Ayanova will see that the client already exists and will not import the additional data for that client.

Yes that’s true, the importer won’t import duplicate clients.

What you want to do could be accomplished easily using the developers API by someone familiar with programming or provide the details below to receive a quote to have a specific custom plug-in created for you. However, how many records are we talking about here? In many cases it’s faster, cheaper and less hassle just to get a temp in to copy and paste the records.
If would like a quote, send the following to

Identify your post here at the top of your browser and include in your email)
Zip up an example file that you would be using to import into AyaNova so that we can see specifically which columns and fields are where
Identify which fields in the file you send correspond to what fields in the AyaNova entry screen if does not have column headers that identify. I.e. first column equates to Client Name: field, second column equates to Scheduled Users Notes: field, etc
If any of the fields equate to a drop down selection field in the AyaNova entrys creen, what do you want done if the item is not already entered into AyaNova. For example, if your import file has a Dispatch Zone that is not yet entered into AyaNova, do you want the custom plugin to be able to create this Dispatch Zone for you or skip? Creating would mean more development which would mean more charge for the custom plugin.


The latest version of AyaNova (7.5 at date of this reply) ImportExportCSV utility has the subscription Duplicate option. which is what can be used to import again, to update existing Clients, Parts, etc.
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