Change Descriptions ...

In the work order screen, I would like to change the description of the “Summary” label to “Equipment Description”. I checked in the localized text design area for the Workorder.Label.Summary field but am unable to change anything.

Is there any way to change that field?

Hello Steve, Yes you can change that field to be localized to something else.

Please list your specific steps as it may be that you are missing a step in the process of editing a custom locale or creating a new locale and editing it.

I would highly recommend that you go through step by step the How To (URL removed as for older version no longer supported - see the latest version of AyaNova) from the AyaNova 4 Help file as it will provide each step you need to take from creating a copy of the default English locale, to editing.

If you continue to experience an issue, be sure to provide your specific steps - exactly what you do - so that I can follow along and see where the issue is.

  • Joyce

Thanks kindly - All done