Changing default paper size in a report template

Below are the steps on how to change what default paper a report template uses - the steps are to default to using A4 (standard European paper size).

This way, if your printer always uses a specific type or size, you can set it permanently in the report templates so that you do not have to selected in your printer properties every time you go to print

  • Bring up the report template in the designer ( hold down the SHIFT key and select the report template)
    -The report template now opens in the designer
    -Imediately click on the Properties tab if not already showing
    -This will be the properties for this report template as a whole - by default the name is xtraReport1 but it may be called something different
    -You will see a property called PaperKind that is presently set to “letter” - select and scroll up and select “A4”
    -Close the report template and save
    -Test print this report template and confirm it now defaults to a paper of A4
    -Perform for other report templates your use.