Changing invoice template in QBI after initial setup

How can I change the QuickBooks invoice template that I told QBI to use when I did the initial setup? I am using QB 2006 so my version was compatible to be able to support QB invoices but I accidently used the wrong QB invoice and now I need to change it.


Hi Debbie

If you ever need to change any of the Preferences set up when you first started QBI including which QuickBooks Invoice Template to use, Workorder Status to set an invoiced workorder to, QuickBooks item to use when invoicing AyaNova loans, etc you would do so via the menu Tools -> Preferences in QBI

This information can also be found at the bottom of the QBI Configuration instructions when first setting up QBI at

This will go through all preferences, accept existing if you want to maintain as what you originally set when you set up QBI, or change as needed.

  • Joyce

I looked in the preferences section already and went through that data but there is not an area where it asks you to change in invoice but it only asks again if you want the invoice printed or emailed and the invoice notes but it doesn’t ask what invoice to use it skips that step after the initial setup was done.

Hi again Debbie

I apologize I was incorrect in my last statement - once a invoice template has been selected for QBI, the Preferences does not allow selection of a default different invoice template.

I have placed it on the list to be added as a feature into QBI. Will post back when it becomes available.

At this time, once you have used QBI to create invoices for AyaNova workorders - if you wish the invoice to use a different template, open the invoice in QuickBooks and select a different template at the top of the QuickBooks invoice.

  • Joyce

OK so if I make sure I choose in Quickbooks what invoice that I want to use it will still print on that invoice in Quickbooks. I think that is what I am getting. I just can’t change it in AyaNova right? Does that mean whatever invoice I have set to use in QuickBooks will be the default invoice with AyaNova?

Hi Debbie


As you have specified a specific template to use when invoicing via QBI - that is the template that will be now used whenever invoicing via QBI - regardless what you set in QuickBooks.

If you had left QBI set to <Default> for which invoice template to use, QBI would have used whatever was the last template used in QuickBooks for an invoice.

What is suggested is once the AyaNova workorders are invoiced, than in QuickBooks open the invoices and change the template you wish these to use.

As previously stated, I have placed on the list for features in QBI to allow changing the invoice once selected.

  • Joyce

NOTE: August 2006 - can now change invoice template via Preferences with QBI v3.2.3

OK I will try that

Thank you