Changing tax in a Purchase Order entry screen

I had received a question via emailabout how to change a tax for a part ordered via purchase order because if you try to manually edit Tax A or Tax B, the purchase order entry screen won’t allow it.

-Tax amounts are dictated by the Tax Code selected.
-Via Global Settings, you can set a Default Purchase Tax so you do not have to bother selecting a tax every time you enter a new part to order in a purchase order.
-But let’s say for example, one of the parts ordered should have no purchase tax on it - what do you do?
-If you can not see the Tax Code column within the Purchase Order items entry grid, right-click on any of the columns presently showing to bring up

-Checkmark the Tax Code and close
-Now the Purchase Order items entry grid will have the Tax Code column so you can select another tax rate other than the default, or even no tax code at all.