Changing User type to non-schedulable user

We have a user that ended up not needed to be used as a scheduleable user. When I try to change that, Ayanova says “This user must be a Scheduleable User tupe to preserve data history.”

[p]We have had other users that have left the organization, and have been able to be changed. I did a quick look using Calendar view, and this user has not done any wo’s. Is there a way to change this, so we can add a new scheduleable user?[/p]


The forum topic How-to-set-a-Schedulable-User-inactive-to-free-up-a-license/page2 details what to check and where so that the schedulable user can be set to inactive (the Active field unchecked).

Once you have made sure that the user is not selected in an open service workorder or quote or pm or template as per the steps in that forum topic, than you can set that schedulable user to inactive to free up the license.

Note that you would not change the User Type to “non-schedulable user” - if you did so, any previous workorders that are now closed would no longer be able to show the history of who performed the service, so AyaNova doesn’t allow you to change the user type if that user was ever selected in any entry screen - only set the user to inactive.

  • Joyce