Changing your company name and logo

Hello everyone,

I’m new to Ayanova and I’m trying to figure out how to input my company name and logo. So, if anyone can help me I would appreciate it.

Thank You,


Hi Greg

Do you mean in a report?

If so, follow along with the steps in the AyaNova 4 Help file How do I put my company logo on a report? (URL removed as for older version no longer supported - see the latest version of AyaNova)

The AyaNova 4 Help file provides detailed information on all features, Use Basics and the How do I…"s that provide step by step with screenshots for you to follow along.

In addition to the How do I…"s on report template customization, also check out the AyaNova Support Forum section AyaNova Printing & Reports that has posts by other AyaNova users regarding printing and reports you will find useful, as well as the additional example report templates that you can download and further customize as well as refer to when customizing your own report templates.

  • Joyce

Thanks for the quick response. I’ll take a look.