client access

Is there any way to setup a singlehead office or warranty be able to access multiple(300) clients or jobs? for example



(needs access to all)Head Office Warranty Dept.(needs access to all)

Builder(needs access to jobs) Builder Builder Builder

Jobsite JobsiteJobsite Jobsite

Job,Job,Job,Job,Job,JobJob,Job,Job Job,Job,Job,Job Job,Job,Job,Job,Job

[ FORUM NOTE: AyaNova 3 and higher has the optional add-on WBI (web browser interface) that your clients can log in (client or a head office) to request service, view their requests and view their workorders.

Head Offices can log in and view all data about clients that have are set to that Head Office.]


I believe you are asking if a Head Office could log in via a web browser via ARAS, and have access to all workorders for Clients assigned to that head office?

In AyaNova CE, a head office logged in view ARAS v2.9 does not have the ability to view service workorders of their assigned clients, or request service for their assigned clients. Only a client with remote web access can log in and view their service workorders and request service for themself.

But this is a feature that we do have on our list to look into adding for the AyaNova v3 WBI (web browser interface) that we will be developing for AyaNova v3.

In this way, a single head office login for remote browser access can be set for a Head Office. When logged in, that user will be able to view data for all clients that are set with this head office as their head office. And that user will be able to request service for any client that is assigned to this head office.

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