Client Created Date

Would it be at all possible to consider adding a field within the client information that is an automatically generated date field for when the client is first created.

I also use our Ayanova system for sales and it would be helpful to be able to identify new clients to our companyso we can ensure they are fully aware of the services we provide, I would like to be able to filter within the client section when they were first registered on the system to produce a report for our sales team.



Hi Emma, thank you for your suggestion.

I also wanted to list here a couple suggestions for you at this time:

  1. Perform a filter on the Last Closed Workorder column showing [Blanks] and any records that have this blank tells you this client has not yet had a closed workorder. Right-click on the client and select List All Workorders to quickly see if that client has any workorders at all and if do, when etc which will let you know if you need to contact them to let them know fully about your services.

  2. When anyone creates a new client, that they also create a Follow Up for that client for a set time down the road (i.e. a week or so), and schedules you as a reminder to contact this client and update them on the services you provide.

Just a couple suggestions.

  • Joyce