Client Data Inconsistency new clients & headoffices not available to all

As recommended in a previous post, have started setting up the Clients & Head Offices. Created using an administrators account, logged out & logged back in as a user to discover not all the data just entered was available.

What other info can I provide to assist?

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Hi Gladys

What type of data entered while logged in as the AyaNova Administrator is not available when logged in as a user?

Is it a case of the user doesn’t have the ability to create or edit Clients, or Head Offices etc?

You may also want to log back in as the AyaNova Administrator, open the Administration navigation pane, open that user’s entry screen, determine what security group they are a member of, and than open that security group and see if that security group has restrictions on these objects that when logged in as this user, you do not have access to.

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce -

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Have had way too many things on the go & this one had to take a back seat for a few days.

Anyway, data entered using an Administrator:

Head Office Grid:
-Head Office Name (client name)
-Client Group
-Postal Address
-Contact Information

Client Grid
-Client Name (the property address)
-Head Office
-Client Group
-Physical Address

Log out as Administrator & log back in as a Technician. On the Head Office Grid, all the info entered is viewable. On the Client Grid, not all the data is displayed, for instance:
-First Name
-Dispatch Zone
-Phone Number
-Last Name

But Postal Code & Province are displayed.

Upon further investigation, it appears that the majority of the Contact Info when entered in the Head Office data entry screens does not display in the Client grid. Is that the way it is supposed to behave?

Hi Gladys

Thank you for the additional information - from what I understand the issue is not in the entry screen, but what you see in the grid - correct?

It sounds like when logged in as the technician youdo not have all of the columns displaying on the grid.

Place your mouse over any column in the grid, right-click which will bring up the list of possible columns for that grid, and place a chackmark next to the columns you want to display, and don’t have a checkmark next to the columns you do want to display.

Refer to the AyaNova v3 Manual section “Setting What Columns Display in a Grid” on page 52 for screenshots of this, and than do post back this addresses the issue.

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce -

That is correct, the data is entered & it can be viewed from the data entry screens, but cannot be viewed at the grid level.

All the same columns are displayed in both ids.

Should I be putting the contact data into the Client vs Head Office fields?

Thanks -


Hi again

I believe now I understand what the issue is from the combination of this

it appears that the majority of the Contact Info when entered in the Head Office data entry screens does not display in the Client grid. Is that the way it is supposed to behave?
and your other information.

Data entered into a Head Office entry screen is viewable in the HeadOffice grid

Data entered into a Client entry screen is viewable in the Client grid

Data entered in a Head Office entry screen is NOT viewable in the Client grid - the grids show data from the entry screens for that grid only.

If you have not entered: First Name Dispatch Zone Phone Number Last Name

into the Client entry screen, than it won’t be viewable in the Client grid. Enter this data into the client’s entry screen.

  • Joyce

So am I correct in assuming “Client” is the main repository of data & the most widely viewable in grids?

Thanks for confirming my suspicions Joyce. I’ll set up my contact info into Client vs Head Office & see how much versatility it allows.

Have a Happy Easter everyone.


Hi again Gladys

I believe there might still be a misunderstanding.

In the Clients grid, you view what is entered in the client’s entry screens.

In the Head Office grid, you view what is entered in the head office entry screens.

You do not view Head Office data in the clients grid - you only view Clients information from the client entry screens in the Clients grid.

Do let me know this is now explained or if you need additional information.

  • Joyce

Hi again -

You may be right, I believed the data would be entered once in one location & be available for viewing in different grids.

From what I’m seeing & hearing, Client data have/are more key fields than Head Office data. So if I need the contact info avail when creating work orders, it needs to be input to the Client entry vs Head Office. Correct?

Thanks again -


Correct - because workorders are for the client.

  • Joyce